Providing you with all your boxing needs from non-competitive
boxing classes for fitness and youth classes, through to competitive boxing training for amateur and professional boxers….

About Us

Napier Boxing started up in the early 90s at the Napier Boys High School gymnasium. Back then their space was a minimal 2 ropes and 2 heavy bags tucked away in a small corner...

Now Napier Boxing is responsible for producing NZ amateur champions and professional boxers, while providing a safe space for all people from different walks of life, to gain confidence, get fit, and be the best version of themselves possible, with the help and guidance of our awesome trainers and coaches.

Choose The Best Class For You:

Non-Competitive Boxing Classes

From high-energy group training to personalized one-on-one conditioning circuits - we're showing you the way to getting super fit, and FAST!

Competitive Boxing Training

Napier Boxing currently has a growing and thriving competitive boxing team, but we are always on the lookout for new talent.

Youth Classes

Guiding our youth to learn discipline and respect for themselves and others,
while having fun and getting fit. 11 years upwards.


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